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Dog Daycare

 This service is for dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs. Dog Daycare hours are from 7am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. Hours vary on weekends.  The daycare outside area is approximately 5000 square feet of K9-grass. The K9-grass is anti-microbial and has 4 inches of gravel beneath the surface that supports drainage and keeps doggie feet dry and clean.  There is also a smaller inside space for inclement weather if necessary. Unlike other daycares, our dogs may run and full-on tumble and play, and have toys if they are not toy possessive. Most of this will be figured out during the daycare evaluation and discussed with you. We also know some dogs are great with some dogs and not with all dogs, this will also most likely be figured out during their evaluation. We have the space for smaller groups that get along to play and separate dogs into these groups by play style.

If the dog has never been to our daycare before, they will need a 2 hour evaluation, these can usually be scheduled any day of the week and any two hours during the 10 hour daycare day. Cost $20.


Day Care - $30/full day
             $20/half day (4 hours and under)

Day Stay - $25/day

Reservations for Daycare are required

Discounts for multiple day passes:

 5 day pass = $140  ($28/day)

10 day pass = $260  ($26/day)

20 day pass = $500  ($25/day)

 All passes are paid for up front. You have 3 months to use all of your prepaid days.

Grooming can be added to any Daycare Day by appointment and an additional charge

Boarding can be added to any Daycare Day for an additional charge.