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Monday thru Saturday

9-11am and 3-5pm


8-10am and 2-3pm


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Dog Boarding, Grooming and Daycare

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$36/night         1-40lbs

$40/night          41-80lbs

$44/night          81-100lbs

$48/night           100+lbs

Ask about our discount for dogs in the same household sharing runs

​Food:      You are welcome to bring food from home or we have kennel food available. We usually have Pedigree or ProPlan dry on hand sometimes it varies from that.  You may package up the food into daily portions or just tell us how much and how often you feed, and we can follow the instructions.  Please let us know if your dog expects anything, like adding wet food or chicken broth to make sure they eat while they are here.

Bowls:       We have stainless steel bowls available in all sizes that are washed daily.  Please do not bring bowls from home unless it is a slow feeder or another necessary type of bowl or stand.

 Toys:        You are welcome to bring toys and treats from home, but we have lots of toys and treats that are available. Please do not bring anything that is highly valuable, as it may bounce down the row if taken outside and another dog may destroy it, it may end up getting washed with bedding by accident or may get lost.

Bedding and blankets:    You are welcome to bring bedding and blankets from home. Please do not bring any beds bigger than 2’x3’. Please don’t bring beds or bedding that are highly valuable as they are washed daily.

Medicine:   We can dispense medicine as needed.  If the dog needs pills, please provide us a way to administer the pills that works for your dog. For instance, some dogs will take meds in pill pockets and some in cheese or peanut butter. We will not put the pill directly into your dog’s mouth, even if that is the way you do it at home. This can be very stressful for the dog and It is too much of a risk for our staff.

Leashes:   We would be very appreciative if you did not bring your dog to the kennel with a retractable leash.  A 4’ or 6’ leash is preferred. Also, please make sure your dog’s harness or collar is snug enough that they cannot back out of it.

Cats:  When bringing cats for grooming or boarding, please bring them in a secure carrier.

Please be aware:    Your dog or cat might behave differently in the kennel than at home. Some dogs protest eating. Some dogs chew up their beds and bedding. Some dogs are aggressive with us due to stress.  We do our best to make your dog comfortable, including extra TLC and consistent check-ins.  If we notice a behavior that we think you should know about, we will contact you.  We are not trying to alarm you, but we just want to communicate the issue to make you aware and to see if you have any suggestions for helping your dog settle in.  The best thing you can do for your dog is to raise them to be well socialized and comfortable in new situations.