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Vaccine Requirements

Rabies vaccine- All dogs must have an up-to-date rabies certificate to be boarded. It cannot be a reminder paper or a tag, it must be the official rabies certificate signed by your vet, with the lot number and producer. This is not our rule, it is the State of Pennsylvania’s requirement.
DHLPP/DHPP/DA2PP (distemper etc) – All dogs must have this up to date.
Bordetella shot (kennel cough shot)– Although this is not required, it is strongly recommended.  The Bordetella shot must be given 2 weeks prior to being boarded.  This is the length of time for the shot to be effective.  We will not be able to accept dogs that have received the oral or nasal live virus Bordetella shot within two weeks prior to being boarded. Please keep in mind, the Bordetella vaccine is not 100% effective, it is entirely possible a fully vaccinated dog can get kennel cough.  This is even more likely if your dog is not in contact with other dogs on a regular basis.  Kennel Cough is like covid, a dog can be asymptomatic and give kennel cough to another dog.
Canine Influenza shot- This is not required; it is only recommended if your vet thinks this is a good option for your individual dog.
Flea and Tick Prevention – All dogs and cats must be free of fleas and ticks upon arrival.  All dogs and cats must be protected with flea and tick preventative while boarding. If we should find that your dog or cat does have fleas or ticks, they will be given a flea bath at the owner’s  expense.
Worms – All dogs and cats must be free of worms and parasites upon arrival.